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About Rocky Taylor (nee Rebecca Taylor).

From a family of artists in Kent and the usual dysfunctional things that arise from that, all I really wanted to do was travel. Which I did.

I moved to London as my bouncing board for Barcelona then Athens where I modelled and later made a profuse number of hammy TV commercials which led to comedy films with Nikos Perakis.

Running away from an ill-judged wedding I returned to my roots and started ceramic sculpting and was accepted as a professional member by the craft potters association, an accolade at the time.

I then turned a barn into a studio in Chislehurst on the farm I grew up on and got busy with a lot of exhibitions in London and the vicinity.

Frustrated for artists in Soho, I then opened a small art gallery there. This was a great success and meant I could start travelling as I  had itchy feet again.

Artistic inspiration from the many countries I visited led to my photography outlet, and finally, the limestone carving came from my many visits to Egypt.

Phew, have a look....

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